March Mystery Madness…What is it?

Updated February 2018

March Mystery Madness is a playful way our congregation connects with one another toward the end of winter. 2018 will be the 7th year for this much-anticipated multi-generational game. Please join us in this guessing game. It is a fun and easy way for people of different generations in our church to get to know each other.  It really is for people of ALL ages and the more the merrier! Since children are always growing, the game is new for them every year, so if you’re an adult and you’ve played before we encourage you to join in the fun once again.

  • This program matches an adult-child pair for three weeks of notes and small gift exchanges where each partner will share hints and clues about their identity.
  • Sundays in March will be the dates of exchanges beginning on March 11th.
  • A discovery celebration will be held on Sunday March 25, where the partners will be revealed.
  • There will be a sign-up deadline is March 4th, but early sign-ups are appreciated.
  • Mailboxes will be provided in the vestry for participants to make the exchanges.  One side of the vestry for children and one side for adults.  Leave your message BEFORE church.  Collect it AFTER church.
  • When you sign up, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire so that we may share information with each participant about their mystery pal’s interests.
  • Adults of all ages and children are invited to sign up.
  • Suggested ages for children are Kindergarten through sixth grade, but this is up to parents discretion.
  • Youth in seventh grade and above are invited to participate as either child or adult.
  • Parental permission is needed for any participants under eighteen.
  • Sign-up sheets will be made available in Sunday school classes and after church at the RE…Religious Education table and the Welcome table.
  • You may also sign up online:  Right Here
  • Helpers will be available at the Children’s Snack Table on Sunday mornings to help you sign-up.

People are already signing up to take part in this exciting, fun and rewarding event.  Don’t mis out on the fun!