Help Us Fully Fund our 2018-2019 Budget

Thank you for the generosity shown by those that have pledged so far in this year’s stewardship drive! To all of you who have continued to pledge from the resources you have to support our mission, to all of you who are able to and have stretched to increase your pledge, to all of you who are newly pledging — I express my deepest and sincerest thanks.

Our original goal was to raise $315,000 in pledge commitments which would fully fund an ambitious growth in our operating budget. To date, we have raised about $263,000.

The original goal was set with three major growth initiatives prioritized in our planning. One is to expand our Director of Religious Education position to a full-time Director of Lifespan Spiritual Exploration position. This shift would cost about $12,000. The second goal is to add a staff position focused on member and congregational outreach as well as program assistance for religious education. This position would cost about $16,000. And, the final goal is to expand to two services on Sunday mornings. The necessary staffing and programmatic increases to make that happen would cost about $11,000.

These changes would allow us to better serve the needs of our growing congregationand deepen the impact of our mission to welcome all and build a loving community.

The Finance Committee will be meeting next Sunday to begin revising the proposed budget based largely on where we end up with our total pledge commitments as pledges account for about 80% of our income. This budget will be presented to the board on May 1for approval and then to the entire congregation at the annual meeting on May 20 for your approval.

Again, I want to thank all of you who have already made a pledge towards next year’s budget for your commitment and generosity. If you haven’t made a pledge, the Stewardship Committee and I strongly urge you to consider doing so – reflecting both on your financial ability and your commitment to our congregation and its mission.

Make your pledge online at to help fully fund our 2018-2019 budget.

If you have the means to increase your pledge and have not yet considered it, I hope you will give some thought to how that commitment and generosity can support the vitality of this congregation. You can always revise your pledge by contacting our stewardship coordinator, Charlotte Root, or by revising your online submission if you pledged online.

You can also stop by the church office TuesdayFriday10AM-5PM, to make a pledge on a pledge card or to revise your pledge.

It is all of you collectively with your resources and generosity that make this ministry and the mission of this congregation possible, so thank you!

With gratitude,

Rev. Joan