Author: Joan Javier-Duval

Staying Connected with Life and Love

Beloved, UCM members and friends,

With any major transition, such as the dawning of a new year, we hope for good things to emerge, for joy and light and love to dominate our days. The dawning of this new year, however, has brought the shadows of … read more.

Survey Results are In!

SUU the Turtle says, “Congratulations! No matter how you look at it, Building For the Future (BFF) received a significant response from you, the Congregation!” 

215 of you submitted surveys during the month of November
158 (74%) came from members and 56 (26%) came from non-members
211 surveys were tabulated; … read more.

UCM Proposed Congregational Covenant

During the worship services on September 29, Reverend Joan and the Committee on Ministry presented our proposed church covenant to the congregation. The covenant is a short statement of how we intend to be in fellowship together.  You can read the proposed covenant below.  … read more.