Author: Joan Javier-Duval

Flood Recovery Update, August 9, 2023

UCM’s Board has enlisted a team charged with overseeing the church’s response to its July 11 flooding. The Flood Recovery Unitarian Universalist Team (FRuuT) includes members from the Board, Executive Team, Finance Committee and Property Committee. For information about FRuuT’s Charge and activities, go to … read more.

Flood Cleanup Update, July 15, 2023

7/15/2023 6:45am

A lot has been accomplished since Tuesday night! Thank you to ALL the volunteers who have mopped floors, hauled buckets of mud, moved ruined items, and dropped off food and water.

We have a couple of teams lined up to help today with removing damaged … read more.

Clean up Needs for July 13, 2023

7/12/23 8:15pm
Flood Clean-up Update

Thank you to the two dozen or so people who showed up to help with the first round of clean up on Wednesday. The kindness, good cheer, and willingness to help created a wonderful, positive atmosphere and also helped us make … read more.

Historic Flooding, July 12, 2023

July 12, 2023

Beloved UCM Community,

What a significant, scary, and heart-breaking time it has been over the last 48 hours. The historic rainfall and flooding has left washed out roads, lost crops and ruined gardens, water-soaked homes, and uncertainty for many of us. My heart is … read more.

Historic Flooding, July 11, 2023

7/11/23 2:30pm
As many of you know, we have experienced historic flooding in downtown Montpelier and our building is right in the middle of it all.
A few church volunteers and staff checked on things yesterday as late as 6:30pm or so, cleared some items, and shut … read more.