The UCM Climate Action Team (CAT) works with the congregation and surrounding communities to educate, inspire and create changes that will promote climate justice and protect the earth, our home.  CAT is also responsible for the Green Sanctuary Certification that UCM earned in 2003. 

During Covid-19 CAT is meeting the first Monday of the month at 5:00 PM.  During Covid-19 we are meeting online.  To request the meeting link please contact Diana Chase.

Climate Action Team News

Workshop: How to do a Carbon Inventory and Create a Climate Action Plan
Part I: Monday, Nov. 9, 7-8 PM 
Part II: Monday, Nov. 16, 7-8 PM
On Zoom
This will be a two-part workshop about how to measure the amount of CO2 we create and how to make a plan to reduce emissions. In Part I, we will present information about the amount of CO2 created by burning different fossil fuels, the emissions created by electricity generation, flying, and dietary choices, and about the CO2 sequestered by forests. Then you can take this information home and do your carbon inventory. In Part II, we will share inventory results and plans about how to reduce emissions. Co-hosted by Catherine Lowther and Laura Brooke.

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The Climate Action Team held a Retreat in early September to plan for this year. Two 2 sub-groups were formed. The sub-groups encourage UCM members to join in! Each sub group will meet in early October to determine actions.

  • legislative sub-group will focus on supporting climate change solutions bills in the 2020/2021 session of the legislature. Advocacy might encompass e-mail, phone, other actions, ie. partnering with others.
  • An education sub-group will focus on supporting educational opportunities surrounding solutions to our changing climate.