October 2022 Challenge of the Month:

Talk to Other Voters About Climate!

Vermonters (and other Americans) have a lot on their minds these days, and, for some people, climate change may not be the first thing they are thinking about. Others may believe that the climate crisis is bad, but think that nothing they do will matter.


This month, we encourage you to remind the people you know that election time is an opportunity for each of us to make a difference on climate. Our society needs to take ambitious action, and who we elect can make all the difference in whether that’s possible. Do you know someone who cares a lot about climate but has given up on voting? Ask them to vote. Do you know someone who plans to vote but doesn’t think climate is important? Talk to them about the urgency of the crisis.

Below are some resources that may be useful:

·      If you’re talking to someone who may not bother to vote, check out UU the Vote’s Climate Voter Pledge.

·      If you’re talking to someone who doesn’t believe climate change is a real problem, Katharine Hayhoe has a great 17-minute TED talk about where to start. (Find out what matters to them, and then connect that to climate change.)

Good luck! Come join us in the fireplace room after the service (during Coffee Hour) on October 30th to talk about how it went and share what you learned.

We plan to have a Challenge each month, ranging from personal consumption choices to broader community or political actions. Stay tuned!


The UCM Climate Action Team (CAT) works with our congregation and surrounding communities to educate, inspire, act, and create change that will promote climate justice and protect the earth, our home.

As the climate crisis continues to intensify, please consider whether the Climate Action Team is a cause you can give your time, ideas, and ambition to. Help us to discover how UCM can play a bigger role in stabilizing our climate and transforming our world!

Click here to access CAT’s Climate Action Resources (updated April 2021)— a page full of additional links to art, articles, authors, books, documentaries, TED Talks, videos, websites, and more — so we can all learn together how to be better stewards of this, our beautiful ‘Blue Boat Home.