COVID-19 has disrupted many of our UCM programs and in particular the Monday Community Lunch program. During this pandemic, a number of local organizations who provide a variety of services to our food insecure neighbors have been actively engaged in trying to address this need in our community.

An EVERYONE EATS grant was written and approved to provide financial support for local food providers to offer food for those in need of meals, and has been extended to the end of June 2022.


Under this grant, UCM will be distributing 50 entrees each Monday at 11:15 AM, from the UCM School Street parkinglot.  Meals will be prepared by area caterers and restaurants. Community Lunch volunteers will pack bags with flatware, desserts, drinks, fruit, and snacks to go with the entrees.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, only a few volunteers will be needed each Monday and strict safety protocols are being followed. You can still support this effort by contacting Janet Poeton, for Lunch Donations of home baked desserts, snacks, fruit, drinks — financial support would also be greatly appreciated.