Social Media sites are the front doors to our church community. Sometimes they are the first contact made when people are researching for a congregation that is a match for them. Our social media outlets are our opportunity for outreach to new potential members as well as to existing members and friends, and the broader community.

It is important that our media sites be welcoming, informative and up to date. UCM has five social media sites: a website —, two Facebook sites — Unitarian Church of Montpelier (public page) and Friends of UCM (private group), a weekly email newsletter, and a Twitter account — @ucmvt. The following is a guide to accessing these sites and instruction for publishing additions to these sites.


Our website is found at  If you have a problem, a question about the website, or would like to update your committee website, contact Sam Rossier.


E-news is a newsletter sent out weekly during the church year and every other week during the summer. Find out about sermons, religious education opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and events in our church and the broader community.

The e-news is available by email. If you wish to subscribe to the e-news you can call the office at 802-223-7861k, sign up at the hospitality table on Sunday morning, or go here to the subscribe page. E-news is also available in print format and can be found at the ushers’ table.

Guidelines for sending announcements for the Weekly e-newsletter

Weekly newsletter information is needed by Wednesday at midnight. Please submit to the E-news Editors. If you wish to have an announcement published more than one week, please submit it each week that you wish to have it published. An announcement may be submitted for the e-newsletter no more than two weeks in a row; however, updated and/or revised announcements on the same topic (i.e. volunteers still needed) are encouraged.


Social Media:

UCM has a Social Media policy that can be found on our website on the following page.


For information about our Facebook page or to join the Friends of UCM Facebook group or post church-related material to our  Facebook page, contact Elaine Ball.


UCM has a twitter account (@ucmvt) that is updated from our Facebook page.