Choir performing at the front of the churchWe greatly value the role of music in our services. Our music director is Richard (Dick) Riley, an experienced and accomplished conductor. He directs the choir, which ranges in size from 20 to as many as 40 for special events. They rehearse in the sanctuary on Thursday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 pm, and again at 8:30 am on Sunday  morning prior to the 10 am service. It is a non-auditioned choir; all singers are most welcome. Choir members really enjoy singing together under Dick’s direction. Contact him if you’d like more information.

Our pianist/organist is Eliza Thomas.

The church’s fine grand piano is thanks to a bequest a church member received from her father, who loved music. Installed in March 1997, the Yamaha grand is a beautiful instrument, sough by many performers, and used frequently in concerts.

Close-up of organChurch members led a fundraising campaign to restore our 1866 Stevens Brothers tracker organ. This work was completed in phases by the Andover Organ Company in 2003.

Former UCM Music Director, Catherine Orr (1994-2014) was influential in making other area musicians aware of UCM’s excellent acoustics. Many outside groups are attracted to use the sanctuary for their concerts. Guest musicians are regularly invited to participate in Sunday services. UCM benefits from the richness of these exchanges.