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Coming of Age, a uniquely Unitarian Universalist program is designed to mark the transition from childhood to youth. Throughout history, many cultures and religions have recognized this time of great change. As youth prepare to leave childhood, they are maturing physically, cognitively, emotionally, and spiritually. At this age, they can reason about themselves, the world, and their place in it in a much deeper way than ever before. It is a very spiritual time.

The Coming of Age program offers new ways to experience Unitarian Universalism. It asks the youth to reflect upon what it means to be UU and provide a safe environment for questioning. Through activities and discussion this program with assist our youth on their journeys of spiritual self-awareness

The Coming of Age program has many moving parts and involves a great deal of work and dedication. Our program is led by two experienced facilitators.  Additionally, there will be other adult guides who support and encourage each child. Parental support and involvement is essential as well.

COA is a powerful experience for youth. In addition to bi-monthly meetings with facilitators and guides, there is a fall ropes course challenge, a daylong winter retreat, service projects, and a UU heritage trip to Boston. The culminating project of the program is the creation and sharing of a “This I Believe” statement preceded by a celebration dinner.  The Coming of Age church service is one of  our most popular.

Youth who complete the Coming of Age are eligible to join the church when they reach the age of fourteen.  Our church offered this program in 2015-2016.  It is offered every two years, so keep an eye out for information in the fall of 2017 for the next chance to participate, either as a mentor or as a youth.

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