2023-2024 Adult Spiritual Exploration Offerings

Chalice Circles

Chalice Circles form the core of our Adult Spiritual Exploration offerings. They are small groups that meet throughout the church year and, in some cases, during the summer months. Chalice Circles are grounded in deep listening with the goal of fostering deeper connections within our church community. They provide space for spiritual reflection and exploration of spiritual questions and matters of the heart in a loving atmosphere based in compassionate listening. Each type of Chalice Circle is unique.


Above: Participants in Small Group Ministry participate in a community service project.



As life unfolds, many of us are called on to be the main caregiver for partners, parents, and children with medical or mental disabilities. While the focus is commonly on the many needs of the “patient,” the needs of the caregiver are often overlooked or dismissed, sometimes by the caregivers themselves. We are setting up a small group specifically for those people in that challenging role, with the intention of creating a safe space to share and listen and learn how to take care of ourselves, while taking care of another. On Zoom and facilitated by UCM members Gale Pekar and Hugo Liepmann.


UCM is a “Welcoming Congregation,” which indicates that our church community aims to be fully inclusive of individuals who are LGBTQ+.  This group not only continues the tradition of welcoming queer congregants but also provides an opportunity to explore both queer, spiritual identities in a safe and affirming space. If you identify as LGBTQ+ we hope you will join for sharing, exploration, and great conversations. Please contact Elaine Ball, if you are interested in learning more.

Seasoned Souls

Reflect on the joys, challenges, questions, and meaning-making that comes with aging. Grounded in deep listening. Often much laughter and yes, sometimes tears. A great opportunity for both longtime and newer members of our congregation

Small Group Ministry 

UCM’s Small Group Ministry program is launching for Fall. In groups of 8-10 people, we meet twice a month to explore our innermost beliefs, sometimes around our UUA monthly themes, and other times, on topics of our own making.  Covenant-based, we set the table for a safe, structured, confidential space where members are able to express their thoughts free of judgment. Are you interested in getting to know individuals in our congregation? Would you like to tap into readings by ancient and modern thinkers to find insights of your own?  This is an entry point for sharing, for new insights, for deepening your UCM experience. There are openings in three groups beginning in October 2023. Complete the interest form to get matched with a group.

Soul Matters

Through Soul Matters, we live more deeply into our monthly themes. Each month, participants engage in a spiritual exercise related to the theme and then ponder a question for deeper reflection. The idea is to both ponder AND embody the monthly themes. 

Midweek Meditation Group

You are invited to join us for silent and spoken meditation on First & Third Tuesday Mornings, 10:00 to 11:00 AM on Zoom. We will gather in silence for the first 45 minutes, but anyone can speak if they are moved to do so. At 10:45, we will end the silence and the meeting will be open for sharing thoughts. To receive the Zoom meeting information, please contact Pat Carstensen using the form below.

New UU

Our “New UU” classes are a way for you to learn more about Unitarian Universalism and our UCM community! We discuss UU history and theology and introduce you to the ministry areas and teams within our congregation. These classes are organized by the Membership & Hospitality Committee and are offered once or twice a year. Please contact Elaine Ball, if you are interested in learning more.