2022-2023 Adult Spiritual Exploration Offerings


Chalice Circles
Chalice Circles include Small Group Ministry, Seasoned Souls, and Soul Matters. These groups are designed to foster deeper connections within our church community by providing a space to explore spiritual questions and matters of the heart in a loving atmosphere based in compassionate listening. We typically launch groups in October. The amount of groups we offer is based on the number of interested participants AND if we have volunteer facilitators.  We currently have a few spaces available in Small Group Ministry, Soul Matters, and Seasoned Souls. To learn more about Chalice Circles click here.

Above: Participants in Small Group Ministry participate in a community service project.

Chalice Circles are just one of the adult programs we offer.  More will be created during the year.  If you have an idea of a program you would like to propose and help lead or coordinate, please send a brief description to Verdis via email.

Some examples of past Adult Spiritual Exploration programs include:

  • Spiritual Practice workshops on singing, prayer, nature art, etc.
  • Chalice Circles: Small Group Ministry, Soul Matters Circles, Seasoned Souls
  • Active Listening
  • Understanding Antisemitism
  • Practice Sessions: Interrupting Hate and Addressing Unintended Bias
  • Book and podcast discussion groups on dismantling the culture of White supremacy
  • Am I a UU?
  • Meditation sessions
  • Building Your Own Theology small group
  • Summer Camping Weekend
  • Story Circles (on the monthly themes)
  • History of Unitarianism
  • History of Universalism
  • Tai Chi
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Adult and Young Adult OWL…Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education
  • Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents
  • UCM Reads — both Adult and Multigenerational — book discussions

Click on this link to read UCM’s Vision for Lifespan Spiritual Exploration created by the congregation in 2016-2018.