White flowersLay Pastoral Care is a freestanding ministerial program that provides a confidential caring presence to congregants who are undergoing stressful life challenges or who are in a time of spiritual discernment. The ministry is an extension of the Minister’s own pastoral care presence. Lay pastoral caregivers are recruited by and report directly to the Minister and a lay coordinator.

The Lay Pastoral Caregivers listen to congregants’ feelings and problems, visiting with them in a neutral setting or their home or hospital.  They provide a caring, sacred space for congregants to be heard and understood, and they offer support in pastoral crisis situations.  Lay Pastoral Caregivers are not counselors; however, they do offer referrals to mental health professionals for counseling if needed.

If you would like to speak to someone in the Lay Pastoral Care Ministry, please email the coordinator, Mary Jane Ohlson.