Speaker: Rev. Joan Javier-Duval

June 12, Flower Communion Sunday

We bring our regular church year services to a close with our annual Flower Communion Sunday. All ages are invited to participate in the full worship service. Please bring a cut flower from home to share during this morning’s flower communion, or have one nearby if joining over Zoom, as we celebrate … read more.

May 15, Beauty in Becoming

This unfolding, changing life draws us towards beauty. How might we stay connected to the beauty that calls us forward in our process of becoming? Come to this service to join in celebrating graduating high school senior Sam Dean, who will be participating in our … read more.

May 8, Beautiful is This Body

Along the way, many of us take in harmful messages about our bodies. Can we learn to embrace the beauty of each and every body, including our own? During this Sunday’s service, we will welcome the newest members of the Unitarian Church of Montpelier.

April 17, A New Day to be Free

The springtime holy days of Passover and Eastern remind us of the power of freedom and liberation. What in you yearns to be free? How do we awaken the liberation that we all seek?

April 10, Awake to Now

Our full presence can awaken us to the abundance of what is here, now – the simple joys and the complex heartbreak. How can we cultivate a full presence and appreciation and gratitude in our wakefulness?

April 3, Don’t Hit Snooze

The last two years have offered many opportunities to awaken to what we might have easily ignored. We have experienced personal and collective awakenings. How do we stay awake to the callings of this moment?