Rev. Joan Javier-Duval

November 11, A People Who Remember

The act of remembering can connect us both with what has been and also what can be. What are the costs of forgetting the past? And, what are the possibilities in choosing to remember?

9AM: Heidi Wilson
11AM: UCM Choir

Spiritual Exploration
9AM: PreK-6th grade … read more.

October 21, Haven for the Human Spirit

One of the most important roles of our families (given or chosen) is to provide a haven for the human spirit. This is no easy task. Why do families need to be spaces of sanctuary and what practices can help us in this endeavor?

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June 10, Flower Communion Sunday

We bring our regular church year services to a close with our annual Flower Communion Sunday. Please bring a cut flower from home to share during this morning’s flower communion as we celebrate what we give to and receive from one another in this … read more.