Photo by Anne Ferguson
Photo by Anne Ferguson (she/her)


This photo shows most of the 36 adults and youth from our church who marched in the July 3rd, 2015 parade. Blocked from view in this photo are: Tina Ruth, Ginnie Humphreys, Kairn (Rocky) Kelley, and Dave Grundy. Others who marched but are not in this photo are: Festively-attired Dana Davis and sons Silas and Ansel, Lindsay Wade (also festively attired and proud grandmother of Silas and Ansel), Bronwyn Fryer, Tina Muncy, Judith Hinds, and Anne Ferguson (who was busy taking this picture).

Thank you to all who came to tote flags, beautiful homemade signs, and a banner to show our UU spirit to central Vermont! Besides humans, our group featured two canines (but only one is pictured above). A showing of 36 for our second Independence Day Parade is great. I hope you all will mark your calendars and come march in the Pride Parade in Burlington on the afternoon of September 13. It’s the first Sunday of the church year and it would be wonderful to kick off the year with another colorful gathering of UUs!

In case you didn’t see today’s Times-Argus, here’s an excerpt from the cover story:

“The parade, which started a little after 6:00 p.m., also included an homage to the recent Supreme Court ruling. The Unitarian Church featured adults and children marching through the streets of Montpelier waving gay pride flags and holdings signs that stated “Love Wins” and “Love is Love.”

Speaking of love, I’d love to see your photos and I’m hoping some will end up on the church’s web site and on the walls of the church.

In appreciation of your spirit,

Nancy Schulz