We are the Unitarian Church of Montpelier.  We are bound together by Love within this safe and nurturing community.  We gather as we are and as we aspire to be.  We accept some discomfort to stretch beyond past boundaries and habits.

We covenant to:

  • speak honestly and listen deeply to each other and the voice within
  • treat each other with compassion and honor our differences
  • take responsibility for the impact our words, actions, and inactions have on each other
  • support each other in times of need and of grief, and celebrate the beauty and joy in our lives
  • honor the gifts of the past and be gentle with each other as we grow
  • encourage each other in the brave work of creating a more Beloved Community and a healthy, sustainable world
  • and, forgive each other and start again

Adopted at the May 24, 2020 Annual Meeting