Boy holding hand colored heart shaped banner.We are happy to welcome you to our Sunday Morning programming for children. If you contact our Dir. of Lifespan Spiritual Exploration, Liza Earle-Centers, she is happy to meet with you and your child(ren), to arrange for you to visit our space ahead of time OR to be greeted the day you plan to visit by a fellow parent who will be able to answer most questions and help you find the correct rooms.  The following answers to frequently asked questions may help you prepare in advance.

Do I need to complete the registration before my child may attend?

It is not necessary to complete the registration on your first visit as we always welcome visitors, but we encourage you to complete the online registration before your second visit. It will help us provide your child with the best possible experience, as a matter of safety, and to keep informed of upcoming programing.

Do you have a nursery?

We have nursery care available starting at 8:45am and 10:45am.  We hope having fifteen minutes before worship begins helps you transition your child into that space. You are welcome to leave your child until the service has ended or stay with them until you both feel comfortable. We have a fabulous, warm and loving nursery staff.  The nursery is always staffed by one adult and one youth.  There is a sign-in sheet and if you are worried about your child not settling in, you can leave your cell for us to send you a silent text in worship.  We also have rocking chairs in the back of sanctuary if you’d rather keep your baby with you, or the Fireplace Room downstairs where there is both audio and visual streaming of the service upstairs.

Box of assorted crayons

When do classes begin?   

Preschool children and school-age children typically stay in the sanctuary with their parents/guardians for about the first 15 minutes of the service. They are sung into the children’s chapel, to start their own activities with our Director of Lifespan Spiritual Exploration and our teams of caring adult or youth volunteers.  Many of these volunteers have worked with our kids on Sunday mornings for years.  Many are parents. If your child is comfortable leaving with the other children we will see that they get to the proper classroom. If you wish to join them in the children’s chapel and/or class you will be most welcome.

How do I find my child after service?

At the 9am service, preschool and up are usually in the Children’s Chapel behind the sanctuary. At the 11am, 1st grade and older are in the Children’s Chapel and Preschool and Kindergarten age meets in the downstairs classroom that connects the kitchen and the vestry coffee hour space.  This year (2018-19) 7th and 8th graders have the Our Whole Lives sexuality education program 10:30-noon most Sundays, in the Bell Tower Room.  7th and 8th grades not participating in OWL are welcome to assist with the younger kids’ programming, or to stay in the sanctuary for worship.

Plate of muffins with sign saying that they are apple cinnamon and listing ingredientsWhat happens after I collect my child?

We hope you will join us in the vestry for coffee and conversation.  We have snack table for children with healthy snacks that will help tide them over until lunch.  We invite you to stop by the Lifespan Spiritual Exploration table to find out about upcoming programming for children, youth, or parents.  The vestry can sometimes be a busy place, so please keep an eye on your child.

Do you screen your volunteers?

In our congregation we take the safe care of our children very seriously.  We have many policies in place to help us do our best to ensure the safety of your child(ren).  Volunteers who work with children and youth need to have attended UCM for at least 6 months.  (Many have been members for decades.)  New volunteers must submit two references that are checked by our Dir. of Lifespan Spiritual Exploration.  All of the volunteers have been trained in our Sexual Abuse Prevention Education and Response (SAPER) policy.  They have also signed our Code of Conduct agreement and had a criminal background check done on them.  We make sure there are always two adults with a group of kids/youth.  Check out our Operational Policies page to learn more about our Sexual Abuse Prevention policy (Tip: selecting the Sexual Abuse Prevention SNAPSHOT link is the quick, reader friendly version of the longer policy).


What should I do if I have other questions?

Your questions are always welcome.  Feel free to contact Liza Earle-Centers, our Director of Lifespan Spiritual Exploration at any time with questions,  comments, or concerns.