During this time of social distancing, we will be holding our weekly Sunday service online at 10AM. There are three ways you can participate in the service.

  1. You can participate over Zoom by registering here. You will then receive a link to join and also a call-in number if you wish to join by phone. Through Zoom, you will be able to type messages in the Chat box that are viewable by the worship team and other attendees on Zoom. Your image will NOT be viewable, and all Attendees will be on Mute throughout the service. **This is probably the most reliable option for participating in worship.**
  2. You can also watch the service from the UCM Facebook page where it will be live streamed from Zoom at 10AM. You may need to refresh the page. Through Facebook, you can comment on the video. Be sure to Like and Follow our page to receive posts in your News Feed. **Some UU congregations are reporting difficulty with live streaming from Zoom. Please register on Zoom as a first option.**
  3. Finally, you can view the service from the UCM homepage. Scroll down the page until you see the Facebook feed (below ‘Get Involved’ and above ‘Subscribe to Sermons & Podcasts’). The live stream video will appear around 10AM. You may need to refresh the page. You do not need a Facebook account to see updates to this feed. **This option depends on us having connecting Zoom to Facebook Live. The most reliable option for participating in worship would be directly through Zoom. See Option 1.**

We will be sharing Joys and Concerns during each service. Please send Rev. Joan a message if you have a joy or concern that you would like read aloud. Please keep in mind that the service will be viewable by the general public. If you have a private joy or concern to share, you can also send that to Rev. Joan.

We know that this will be a new worship experience for many of you, and it is an experimental time for all of us! We thank you for your patience, flexibility, and open-heartedness as we maintain our spiritual life together with these online technologies.