The Courage of Heretics
Rev. Joan Javier-Duval October 15, 2017

Ours is a heretical faith. At its foundations, Unitarian Universalism emerged out of communities that took theological stands at odds with accepted religious beliefs. How is that heretical tradition still alive today? In what ways are we called to be heretics in our time?

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In the Handprint of Your Love
Kathryn Blume October 8, 2017

While it can be valuable to spend some time cataloguing and taking responsibility for our negative impacts on the world – our carbon footprint, our ecological footprint – the ongoing litany of our wrongdoing can wear down our spirits and sense of wellbeing. Giving more attention to our positive impacts, our handprint, can not only be personally rejuvenating, but restorative for the larger world as well. And there’s no better source for our best work than our deepest love.

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Brave Space
Rev. Joan Javier-Duval October 1, 2017

Facing the unmasked hatred and bigotry of our time requires courage – emotional, moral, spiritual, and even physical. Our task as a religious community is to create a brave space in which we can call one another to greater truth and love, cultivate our courage, and then take action together.

Content warning: The sermon discusses disturbing events that may bring up intense emotions.

The sermon was delivered in two parts with a musical interlude, Boy on a Swing, by Heather Moz. The interlude is not included in the audio recording, but lyrics can be viewed here.

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Welcoming the Other
Rev. Joan Javier-Duval September 24, 2017

Division and conflict often arise based on how we treat – and mistreat – “the other.” How do we come to define who is “the other” in our lives and in our communities? How might we go about offering welcome even across our apparent differences, no matter what they might be?

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Welcoming New Beginnings
Rev. Joan Javier-Duval September 17, 2017

In many religious and spiritual traditions, this is a time of celebrating the new year. For many of us, fall is also a time of beginning again as school and church years begin and we embrace the change of seasons. How might we each welcome this time of new beginnings in our own lives?

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Ingathering Sunday: Welcoming All of Who We Are
Rev. Joan Javier-Duval September 10, 2017

On this our Ingathering Sunday, we come back together to ground ourselves in community. We bring together the water we have gathered during our summer journeys – those that have taken us afar and those that have kept us close to home. We welcome all the parts of ourselves we bring into our shared spiritual community. Join together, welcome one another, and be welcomed again!

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