Welcome to theme-based ministry!

Each month we focus on a broad theme that has resonance for Unitarian Universalists in our personal and spiritual lives inspired by the Soul Matters program. More than 200 of our sibling congregations are collaboratively exploring these questions through the Soul Matters program. Soul Matters doesn’t dictate how we look at the themes or what we do on Sunday mornings but provides resources to support our explorations here at UCM. This year, we will center our spiritual explorations around a set of themes inspired by and in concert with the Soul Matters program.

Building multi-generational community and transforming lives requires our focused attention. While this may surprise some, our religion is not one where the rule of the day is “you can believe whatever you want,” but a system and set of tools for seeking answers both individually and in the collective. While it is true that you may reach different answers and discern different truths than the person next to you, we inherit a shared history and go forward connected by legacy, responsibility, and hope.

2022-2023 Themes:

What paths must we lean into and relearn as we travel together into our complex, challenging and hoped for future? This is the overarching question our 2022-23 themes invite us to explore! Each theme will lift up a particular spiritual path crucial to helping us birth a new normal worthy of our hopes.

In particular, we will explore the challenges and paths of…

September: Belonging
October: Courage
November: Change
December: Wonder
January: Finding Our Center
February: Love
March: Vulnerability
April: Resistance
May: Creativity
June: Delight