2020 Vision – An Introduction

Members of the 2020 Vision Task Force

This year our congregation will be developing a five-year Vision and a strategic plan to implement our Mission.  The 2020 Vision Task Force, appointed by the Board, is leading this process.  Members are Jo Romano, Brenda Bean, Paul Ohlson, Peter Thoms, Stuart Russo-Savage, Gail Falk, with Reverend Joan Javier-Duval advising.

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The vision and strategic plan will be developed in two phases. This fall, the congregation will participate in developing − in an inviting and imaginative process − a five-year Vision for what our church may become and accomplish during that time. The proposed Vision will be presented to the Board for review and approval in January, and to the congregation for discussion and approval in February.

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Based on the Vision, the 2020 Vision Task Force will develop a five-year strategic plan to be presented to the Board for review and approval in spring 2016.

Here are some of the documents that the 2020 Vision Task Force is using to guide and inspire us:

UCMLong-Range Plan, 2005

UCM History Timeline

Writing a Mission Statement by Ari Weinzweig

Some sample visions from other churches and organizations:

Hunger Mountain COOP

First Parish Sherborn

The 2020 Vision Task Force members look forward to everyone’s active participation in this promising adventure.