10/7/15 Notes from the Board

The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month, and meetings are open to all. Complete meeting minutes will be posted online. The following is a brief summary of the meeting.

The board met on October 6, with President Amy Willis, Vice President Jo Romano, Secretary Stuart Russo-Savage, and at-large board members Priscilla Fox, Melinda Moz and Will White in attendance.

20/20 Vision Task Force Activity: The board and the Women’s Alliance jointly completed an activity designed to provide input for a vision statement and strategic plan. Task force members Stuart Russo-Savage and Jo Romano facilitated.

Following up: Stuart Russo-Savage reported on the October 5 Committee of Chairs meeting; Amy reported on the October 4 Finance Committee meeting and the September 3 UCM Soup Kitchen meeting; the board reviewed and edited a draft of the Stewardship Committee description and terms; the board approved a proposal to have UCM join Vermont Interfaith Power and Light (VTIPL); the board declared the UCM Soup Kitchen an official church program

Planned Giving: Peter Thoms came to the meeting to discuss what the Planned Giving group (a part of the Stewardship Committee) has accomplished. Planned Giving plans to present an update to the Financial Policy at November’s board meeting.

Governance Updates: At September’s meeting, the board declined to create a policy restricting UCM members and friends from seeking donations from outside businesses. In response, the board was asked to communicate to the Stewardship Committee that there has been concern about asking outside businesses for donations.  The board will do this, as well as advise the Stewardship Committee that it should refer to the Financial Policy and the mission when conducting fundraising activities.

The board had a very thorough, mission- and bylaw-based discussion on what is and what is not a governance issue that should be decided by the board (as opposed to the management team or the congregation as a whole).