March Mystery Madness

March Mystery Madness is a playful way our congregation connects with one another toward the end of winter. 2017 will be the 6th year for this much-anticipated multi-generational game. Please join us in this guessing game. It is a beloved UCM tradition that helps us knit together the many generations that are part of our community.  It really is for people of ALL ages and the more the merrier!

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▪ This program matches an adult-child pair for several weeks of note and small gift exchanges where each partner will share hints and clues about their identity.
▪ Sundays March 12th, 19th, 26th will be the dates of exchanges.
▪ A discovery celebration will be held on Sunday April 2, 11:15am – noon, where the partners will be revealed and enjoy refreshments together and games
▪ The sign-up deadline is Sunday March 5, 11:15am.
▪ Mailboxes will be provided in the vestry for participants to make the exchanges.  One side of the vestry for children and one side for adults.
▪ When you sign up, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire so that we may share information with each participant about their mystery pal’s age and interests.
▪ Adults of all ages and children are invited to sign up.
▪ Suggested ages for children are kindergarten through sixth grade, but this is up to parents discretion.
▪ Youth in seventh grade and above are invited to participate as either child or adult.
▪ Parental permission is needed for any participants under eighteen.
▪ Sign-up sheets will be made available in Sunday school classes and after church at the Children’s Snack table and Welcome table.
▪ You may also sign up online:  Sign Up Here
▪ Helpers will be available at the Children’s Snack Table on Sunday mornings to help you sign-up.

Need some ideas for notes and small gifts?

  • A letter with some clues about yourself and what you like about our church.                    
  • A picture or photo of your pet (past or present) and a note about him or her.
  • A picture of you where it is hard to tell who you are (baby picture, picture taken from behind, or a picture taken from faraway).
  • A  picture or map of the town where you were born or towns where you have lived.
  • Found objects like shells or pebbles and a little story about where or how you found them.
  • A postcard from a place you enjoyed visiting or living.
  • A word search with hidden words that describe you or your hobbies
  • A list or picture of some of your favorite foods and maybe a simple recipe on how to make one of them
  • A homemade cookie and a note about when or how you learned to make them, or maybe a story or picture about who taught you to bake…pay attention to allergies though.
  • A mix tape or CD of some of your favorite music
  • A handmade bookmark with words or pictures about your favorite books or characters.
  • Something small that goes with something you or your match enjoy doing (a fun pencil for writing, some seeds if they enjoy gardening, etc.)

People are already signing up to take part in this exciting, fun, and rewarding event. Don’t miss out on the fun!