Multigens…FAQ for Parents


Perhaps you’re wondering what a Multigen service is and how it will affect your experience on Sunday morning. Multigenerational worship is an intentional time for all the generations of our spiritual community to come together to learn and worship together and to celebrate the richness that a community spanning at least five generations brings to each of our lives.

Here are some tips that might make the multigen experience more relaxed, enjoyable, and meaningful for you.

  • Get settled with you child as early as possible and consider sitting near the front, where she/he can see what is happening and feel more involved.
  • Conversely, you may want to see near the back or side to facilitate stepping out if your child needs to move or is disturbing your enjoyment of the service.
  • Review the order of service and help your child understand what will be happening.
  • Share the hymnal and order of service at the child’s eye-level.Line words with your finger to help him/her follow along.
  • Feel free to whisper instructions to help your child learn “worship etiquette.” We all expect more wiggling and noise than usual. This is a time for learning how to “be in church”.
  • Encourage the child to participate in all elements of the worship…sing, listen, Story for All Ages…as they are able.
  • At any time, feel free to take a Quiet Bag available at the back table. Better yet, bring a book, pencil and notebook, or quiet toy from home. It is hoped that the service will have parts that speak to all generations and as such will keep the interest of even the youngest, but if they need something else…please know that it’s OK.
  • Talk about worship at home; look for opportunities to relate the Sunday worship to their lives away from church. Also know that your child may be pondering what they’ve experienced and might have questions.

Thank you for all the effort it takes to share your children with us on a Sunday morning. You and they are such a gift.