Kid’s Snack Table

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Here is the job in a nut shell:

Arrive early to set up – the table is usually set up for us.

  • Purchase or prepare snacks – All snacks should be nut free and we need to provide some gluten-free options as well!  Purchases can be reimbursed by submitting receipts to the DRE.  The RE cupboard is typically stocked with crackers & juice.  It is nice to provide some fresh fruits or veggies as well.  Of course home-baked goods are a welcomed treat, too.
  • Set up snacks before church – supplies are in the RE snack cupboard in the kitchen.  Reusable cups are in the upper cupboard to the left behind the RE cupboard. Please put a dish pan under the snack table to collect dirty cups. Put out sign up sheets, which are kept in the brown folder in the RE cupboard. A donation basket should be offered as well.
  • Distribute some simple snacks to the Nursery and Pre-K room (cereal, water & cups) You can provide something else, but we want to keep this simple and allergen (nut & gluten) free.
  • Help at the table during coffee hour to serve snacks, answer questions, etc.
  • When things quiet down, clean up – you should hand wash the juice pitchers and any bowls or plates that have been used.  Then they need to be dried & put away where you found them in the kitchen. The dirty cups can be left in the dish pan by the sink.

Take a look at the sign up sheet at the snack table on Sunday morning, or go on-line to sign up using  Volunteer Spot  Thanks ~