A Charge From the Children

During the installation of our minister Rev. Joan Javier-Duval a charge from the children was read by one of our sixth graders.  The charge was written by our Director of Religious Education with help from the children of our spiritual community.


A Charge to Joan from the Children of UCM

Smile when you greet us and help us feel like we belong here.

Play with us. Laugh with us. Sing with us and share good stories with us.

Watch us grow and learn about ourselves and the world.

Encourage us to wear our yellow shirts and march in the July parade.

Help us learn what it means to Stand on the Side of Love.

Teach us to forgive, to be fair, and how to practice our seven principles.

Celebrate with us in joyful times and dry our tears when we cry.

Include more animals in church they are part of the interconnected web too.

Show us where to look for answers to the big questions, but don’t tell us what to find.

Listen closely when we have something important on our hearts or minds to share with you. Losing a tooth or learning to whistle is a big deal when you’re six.

Have church outside at least once a year.

Try not to notice when we can’t sit still, when we make too much noise, or when we walk too fast on our way to the Children’s Chapel.

Keep in mind that you can’t be everywhere and do everything. Other adults will help us too. So relax.

Don’t forget that even with the grown-ups helping, being a minister is a big job. We can help too. Give us things to do. That’s how we learn.

Be glad you live in Vermont.

Have a creamie.

Walk in the woods.

Get on or in the water.

Watch the Mountaineers.

Count lightning bugs.

Build castles in the sand and forts in the snow.

Take time to be Liam’s mom and Jared’s wife. We’re grateful that they share you with us.

Take time to just be you.

And know that no matter what you are always enough just as you are.