Play UCM Spring Break Bingo!

Here’s a game for ALL AGES to play whether you are spending Spring Break on adventure that takes you far away or enjoying a Staycation in this beautiful state that we call home.  It’s a way to stay connected to our spiritual community even when you’re not able to be in the pews.

Get four in a row or all four corners  Prizes will be awarded for all returned cards.

Special recognition for anyone who covers the card.  Whoo!  Hoo!

See Sally for details.


Smile at everyone you meet today.

Spend 5 minutes being quiet without reading or looking at a screen.

Write or draw a picture of one thing that makes you feel peaceful.

Look for an object from nature that you think is special. Write a poem about it.

List all the signs of Spring you can find in one day.

Take a walk in your neighborhood and pick up trash.

Find five things that you can give away or recycle.

Read a story to someone or ask them to read a story to you.

Write a Thank You note to someone who is not expecting it.

Make a poster for peace

Play a game with your sister or brother.

Make your bed and pick up your room…even under the bed.


Learn about a famous Unitarian Universalist.

Use pictures of magazines to create a collage of the


Read to yourself for 15 minutes.

Make a list of all the “gratefuls” in your life.

Spend 20 minutes outside.

Write a story about the Earth our home.

Spend one whole day without arguing or being disagreeable.

Draw, paint, color, or use something else to create a picture of a rainbow.

Help someone in your family without being asked.

Take a nap.

Make a chalice.

Tell a joke, sing a song, find a way to make someone laugh.