ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION…Planning for the future.

The mission of ARE is to nurture each person’s spiritual journey through providing opportunities for faith development and personal growth.

stonehengeThere is a vast trove of programs for adults at the UUA website. Look at UUA, Tapestry of Faith, Adult programs. LINK We want to have a regular schedule of classes about ethical, faith, spiritual development and UU identity. To do this we need people who would be willing to facilitate or co-facilitate these prepared materials. If there is an area that interests you, like spiritual dimensions of aging, for instance, we can help you tailor a curriculum to suit your time constraints.

If you have a particular interest or a book you want to discuss, we welcome “bubble up” ideas from the congregation. We can help you explore your idea and work out the practicalities of getting something going.

There has been interest in having some kind of summer programming at the church. Perhaps one time events? We like the idea but need people who could help us think it through and are willing to organize.

We are hoping to get a TV/monitor in the vestry to have a scrolling calendar to better advertise the various church meetings and events. The system will also function as TV/monitor so that church groups, like the youth group or ARE classes, will be able to stream programs or watch TV. For instance, wouldn’t it be great to gather on election night to celebrate or mourn together.