WARNING Annual Meeting 2016

For the Annual Meeting of the
Unitarian Church of Montpelier

To be held on Sunday, May 22, 2016 at 11:00 am in the Sanctuary

All are encouraged to attend to discuss and have Active Members vote on the following:

1. Approval of the 2015 Annual Meeting minutes

2. Approval of the Special Congregational Meeting minutes of February 14, 2016

3. Approval of the General Fund budget for the FY 2017 church year

4. Approval of the Capital Fund budget for the FY 2017 church year

5. Approval of the use of $52,200 of the Long Term Invested Fund for a legacy donation to the central Vermont community in honor of the Jackman Bequest.

6. By laws change as follows:

5.6 Vacancies The Board fills any elected officer vacancy until the next annual meeting. If, at that time, the originally elected officer had one year remaining of a two-year term, Church members will elect a new officer for one year in order to preserve staggered terms.

6.1.7 Ensure that there is financial review of all congregational policies, practice and accounts by an outside auditor at least every three years an examination of the financial books and records of the Church at least every three years by a person or persons designated by the Board.

7. Election of the following members nominated to serve on the UCM Board for 2 year terms:

• Jennifer Payne
• Paul Hartmann
• Jo Romano

  1. 8. Conduct any other new business

Posted May 8, 2016