Executive Team Activities August – November 2016

The ET met twice a month with the church professional staff as a full Management Team (MT). Focusing on the UCM Strategic Plan, we established our priorities for the year, which include providing support and guidance for church committees in their efforts to advance Strategic Plan goals. We will publish quarterly updates on our activities via the e-news.

We named a hiring committee to fill the Office Assistant/Rental Coordinator position. Following their recommendation, the ET and Board approved the selection of Becky Atchinson for this key role beginning October 4th.

We approved updates to the Financial Management Policy and Sexual Abuse, Prevention, Education and Response (SAPER) Policy. We met with representatives of the Property Committee, Committee of Chairs, SAPER Response Team, Community Lunch Committee, and Event Coordinators. We discussed requests from several other committees, including the need for additional members on Leadership Development and Living Lighter. We approved additional indoor and outdoor signage to clarify accessibility and Green Sanctuary expectations.

We approved the first Religious Education planning workshop led by consultant Cindy Beal. We participated in the workshop and expect her report shortly.

We discussed the respective roles of the ET and Board in carrying out the Strategic Plan and ensuring church policies are updated and followed.