Letter from Rev. Joan after the Election

Dear beloveds,

I know that many of your hearts are bruised and broken this week. Though we cannot assume that we all voted the same way or see through the same political lens, we have all been through a contentious election season and have witnessed the deep divides in our country through the election results. This is a difficult and trying time.

For some of you, the future may feel uncertain and the efforts of so many to bring love and justice into the world may feel at risk. It will take time to make sense of where we are now and how we move forward.

One way we can help one another is to offer each other safe spaces for listening – without judgment and without the need to act. I will host listening circles this coming week, Tuesday-Friday, from 12-1pm in the Vestry. This will be a time and space to share what is on your heart and to be held in a community of love and understanding. If you can, please let me know which day you will be coming using this form or by email. You can always just show up, too.

Please tend to your spirit in these days. Turn off the news if you must. Cry. Bake. Walk in the woods. Hold your loved ones close. Strategize. Sing. Dance. Remember your joy.

And, remember this community is here for you.

With love,

Rev. Joan