Growth & Facilities Task Force

Growth & Facilities Task Force (GFTF) has developed an extensive inventory that identifies numerous long-range physical space needs of the congregation. We gathered input from the Board, committees, and staff, as well as UCM members, professionals, and experts, in accordance with assigned responsibilities.

The GFTF is now at a point where we need the services of a professional architect in order to proceed with examining UCM’s long-range physical space needs and investigating multiple strategies to address them.  Moving forward requires funding to hire professionals to do architectural and engineering services.  A Special Meeting is warned for Sunday, April 15, 2018, when active members will be asked to approve the use of up to $15,000 of Long Term Invested Funds for hiring architectural services to enable the GFTF to carry out its charge.  If the funding request is approved, GFTF will work with an architect during the summer.  Fall is the target date for the GFTF Report to the Board, identifying physical space needs, multiple options for addressing them, estimated costs and recommendations.  This is an important plan that the Board will use to guide the changes within the church floor plan and possible new construction for years to come.  We hope that the congregation will support this vote to fund progress toward completion of the GFTF Report to the Board.

Below are three documents you can refer to for more information on our progress:

Project Report Draft 2-6-2018

Space Needs

Physical Space Needs Inventory 12-12-2017


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