Volunteer Opportunities

Our Flower Garden (Summer)
An opportunity awaits you this summer if you are a person who likes to be part of a team and likes to garden.  Our UCM gardens are maintained by each person taking a week to stop by and water, (the hose is right there), weed and deadhead flowers. Please email maryjaneohlson@gmail.com to learn more about how to be a part of this team.

Volunteer Lawn Mower (Summer/Fall)
The church lawn is mowed from May through October by a group volunteers who rotate and use a push reel mower. The team welcomes additional volunteers who can choose to mow once or more frequently. For more info, please contact Nancy Schulz: SaddleShoes2@gmail.com.

Sunday Pouch Collection Counters (Fall/Winter/Spring)
Your help is needed for this important volunteer role to help sustain our church financially. Counting takes an hour or an hour and a half following the Sunday service. Counters work in pairs, new counters are provided an orientation and material to help guide them in the process, and they work with an experienced counter until they are comfortable with the process. Volunteers are scheduled to count about once per month. To learn more, contact Paul Wallace-Brodeur, pwallacebro@gmail.com.

Worship Associates (Fall/Winter/Spring)
Do you love Sunday services and experience worship as an important part of your spiritual life? Do you want to work closely in a team with our ministers and musicians to plan inspiring services? Would you like to develop your skills in planning, public speaking, teamwork, or creative arts? The role of Worship Associate may be calling you. Worship Associates play a vital role in leading worship services along with the UCM staff with a sense of warmth, welcome, and reverence. They also participate in planning services. Worship Associates do not have to be members of the Worship & Arts Committee. Participation in three 2-3 hour retreats/trainings throughout the church year, including an August or September retreat, is required. For more information and to indicate your interest, please complete this brief questionnaire.

Volunteers needed for Lifespan Spiritual Exploration  (Fall/Winter/Spring)
In what way might you contribute to nurturing the spiritual journeys of our kids, youth and/or adults at UCM in the coming year?  Find out about the many ways–big and small–that you can be a part of our village!  There’s sure to be a match between your interests and the needs of our village. Please email Liza at ucm.dre@gmail.com to start plugging in.

Sing or play at the second service (Fall/Winter/Spring)
As we anticipate a two-service Sunday in the upcoming church year I would like to hear from all who might want to participate musically in the earlier service. Or let me amend that: I’d like to hear from, and about, all who you think should be sharing their musical gifts at the earlier service! The Choir will be singing at the later service. Eliza Thomas will play at both. If you, or someone you know, might like to sing, play, strum, drum, or dance, please tell me. Planning begins in June. Contact Director of Music Dick Riley at rcrileymusic@gmail.com.

Hospitality Team Members Needed (Fall/Winter/Spring)
With two services the need for UCM Hospitality Volunteers will increase. We are recruiting greeters, ushers, baristas, and elevator assistants for the next church year. Hospitality jobs are a great way to meet the community and to provide one-time event support. Training will be provided. If you would like to be part of the Hospitality Team or would like more information, please contact Dave Peters at davep@pwshift.com or 802-888-3394. Hospitality volunteers help UCM welcome all and do so with a friendly smile!

Caring Network (Ongoing)
The Caring Network coordinates UCM members to care for each other in times of need. We are an e-mail based group that receives and responds to requests for temporary assistance from UCM members. Caring Network participants receive an e-mail with a request, typically for services like meals after the arrival of a new baby or a ride to a special medical appointment, and if they are able to help, they respond to the individual in need and the network and provide the service. About 75 of our members are already on the list, and we would love to add you. It’s a great way to help as you are able and get to know more UCM members. Contact Erin Aguayo at ucmcaringnetwork@gmail.com to sign up, place a request, or with questions.

Coordinator/Contact Person for the UCM Care Fund (Ongoing)
The coordinator takes phone calls (referred by the church office) from church or community members seeking financial assistance from the Care Fund with such issues as rental deposits, utility bills, transportation needs, etc. He/She verifies need with third parties, consults with the Minister and/or other members of the Care Fund team, and if assistance is granted, arranges with the Administrator for a check to be issued to the appropriate third party. Some networking with other entities (e.g. Capstone, utility companies) is required. The coordinator fills out the necessary paperwork to track requests and grants. Must be a good listener, detail-oriented, and able to respond quickly on short notice. This position averages one to two requests a month, at about an hour (4-5 phone calls) per request. Contact Rev. Joan, ucm.revjoan@gmail.com, for more information and to indicate your interest.

Adult Religious Education Committee (Ongoing)
The Adult RE Committee (soon to be renamed Lifespan Spiritual Exploration) would like to hear from you. We want to know what kind of programs you might want to participate in during the 2018-19 church year. We also could use a few volunteers to join our committee to help plan and implement programs. Small amounts of time for administrative support to Liza would be appreciated. You could also volunteer to help facilitate an activity in your area of interest. There are many existing curricula from the Unitarian Universalist Association or you can develop your own. Contact Kristin Glaser (kristinglaser@comcast.net) if you are interested.

Community Lunch (Ongoing)
Volunteers are needed year-round at the UCM Community Lunch, served every Monday from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. Tasks start at 8:00 am and include food preparation, dining room set up, serving, dishwashing, clean up and more. You can also drop off desserts that you’ve baked at home.  Please visit our online schedule to sign up at least 3 days in advance: http://signup.com/go/FG1SJm  For help signing up or more information, contact Emily Seifert, volunteer coordinator, at ucm.communitylunch@gmail.com or 802-223-1676. Training is provided. You’ll feel great about helping with this all-volunteer effort. Join us!