March 2021 Update from the UCM Board

We are still smiling (and laughing) as we recall the Gifts of Love Talent Show and Raffle. There is so much talent in our congregation and it was wonderful to see all the great performances. Thanks everyone for participating. We also want to express our gratitude to all who shared gifts for the raffle, and for the generous donations sent during and after the event.

The Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month from 6:15-8:15 pm on ZOOM. All are welcome to observe the monthly meetings. This month we heard from our Visioning Task Force, who have been considering the “Vision 2020” – as we move into a new decade. The Task Force has been considering our vision in light of the systemic influences such as the global pandemic, racial justice and climate change. As we look forward, how will our priorities evolve? How will we embrace the silver lining of this pandemic – the virtual connections and opportunities to expand our community and worship activities? We look forward to engaging the congregation as we consider our vision for the future.

We are starting to plan for our May Annual meeting, which will be our second virtual meeting – a sobering reminder of the time we’ve endured during this historical event. The Executive Team and our various committees are preparing next year’s budget, which will be presented to the Congregation at the May meeting. We are also accepting nominations to fill the three available seats starting in May 2021. Please use this form on the website to nominate yourself or others!

As we adjust to new challenges and opportunities, we embrace an emerging leadership style. How can we create the conditions for our community to thrive? The board is prioritizing policies and leadership styles that ensure equity and access for all members of our community. The UCM Racial Justice Group has been informing the congregation and the board about the 8th Principle, being considered on a national level. We are also considering the cultural and technological challenges as we prepare to both return to live services and take advantage of the positive aspects of virtual service.

A priority in the months ahead is how to nurture leadership and service in our congregation. We have an amazing community and hope to ensure all have their voice heard and will play a role as we continue to build our beloved community.  As we consider nurturing leaders in the congregation we also want to assure we are properly tending to our staff. We are currently considering a Personnel Committee consisting of a Board Member, a member from the Executive Team and 2 members from the congregation. Please contact Vic Guadagno if you would like to learn more.

Please join the board for a coffee-hour breakout group after the Sunday, March 14th Service.