UCM Board News ~ March 2021

Happy Spring from the UCM Board!

As we move into the light of Spring, the Board is reflecting on the challenges we have faced this past year, the institutional challenges of societal health and equity, as well as our global challenge of climate change. We have journeyed together through a difficult year and we are inspired by the coming light of spring and the potential that lies ahead.

The Board extends our gratitude to everyone serving on UCM Committees and Task Forces, and anyone contributing their time & energy to church activities. This year has been difficult for everyone, yet we remind ourselves of the gifts that living in this community offer. Not only are there outdoor areas to find peace and connection with the living world, but being part of our church community offers support and connection. Thanks to all who participate in our church community and remind us that we are part of a beloved community that cares for and supports one-another.

The Board encourages you to reach out to us and get involved. As the Board, we have the opportunity to take a close look at our governing policies that are at the root of our beloved community. If we are to serve all human needs, we need policies that engage and include all voices. Can we improve our policies so that all human needs are met? We invite you to join us in this important work as our congregation finds new ways to build beloved community. There are open seats on the Governing Board beginning in May. Please contact Vic Guadagno if are interested in learning more, or to nominate someone for the Board.

As Spring buds begin to appear, we are reminded of the complex task of protecting the earth, our home. Our congregation has worked tirelessly over the past many years on the Building for The Future Project. Our priority, as we move into the light of Spring, is to remind the congregation of our findings from the BFF Project, and to readdress our vision for moving forward. Our annual meeting will be a wonderful opportunity to provide an update on our progress over the past five years, assess the impact of the Covid Pandemic, and develop our visioning process & strategy for the future.

Our Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, May 16th. This will be our second virtual Annual Meeting – another milestone/reminder of this epic experience we’ve endured together. The sun is returning, and life is emerging. It is such a gift to share this journey together and to find ways to achieve our common goals.

2020-2021 UCM Board Members

Vic Guadagno (President), Paul Hartmann (Vice-President), Ryan Kayne (Secretary), Charlotte Root (Financial Officer), Sue Stukey (Member-at-Large), Hugo Liepmann (Member-at-Large), Meredith Warner (Member-at-Large)