April 2021 Update from the UCM Board

April is here! It’s hard to believe.

The Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month from 6:15-8:15 pm on ZOOM. All are welcome to observe the monthly meetings.

We started our April 6th meeting by reviewing the monthly Minister’s report. A few items discussed were: the church successfully applied for a Payroll Protection grant that included a significant surplus for the church, the church choir is undertaking a project to create its history and we were reminded that Joan is planning to take a three month sabbatical later this year.

The re-creation of a Personnel committee was discussed; it was reported that this has not been a functioning committee for the past several years. The Board supported the creation of this committee and agreed to supply one Board member to this committee. The committee will remain the responsibility of the ET.

Our monthly Governance Board Policy Monitoring was discussed. Most of this was delayed until next month but it was noted that this work is hard to fit in with all of the other activities of the Board.

Other items discussed included:

  • Planning for our Annual Meeting in May
  • The need to have a process for moving forward with the BFF project
  • An update on the pledge drive
  • A discussion of the process for adopting the UUA 8th Principle
  • An update on Covid related issues
  • A review of nominating new Board members for next year