A generous gift toward the Air Quality Project

Dear UCM Members and Friends,
On behalf of the UCM Governing Board, we write to remind you of the Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 11:00 am via Zoom, and to share some exciting news.

In a remarkable act of generosity and love, a church member, who wishes to remain anonymous, has offered a gift of $125,000 to help fund the air quality project if approved at the special meeting! The Board extends its deepest gratitude on behalf of the entire Congregation to this church member! This represents half of the total rough estimated budget for the entire project, including the design of the system and full installation.

This act of generosity illustrates clearly how meaningful this congregation is to each of us and how our being together improves each of our lives and our broader community. The two projects we will be voting on at Sunday’s Special Congregational Meeting are directly tied to our ability to be together, both in-person and virtually.

We also have additional information regarding the audio/visual system upgrades necessary to continue offering online, virtual worship services in conjunction with our return to live services. The Board, with the support of the Tech Team and Finance Committee, is proposing a tech upgrade costing up to $59,000. This exceeds the $25,000 approved in the FY22 Capital Budget by more than $5,000. Our bylaws state that expenditures beyond $5K require congregational approval. More information is available at the UCM website.

We hope you all come to the meeting to share your voice and your vote on these important issues. Expedience is critical as we navigate limited suppliers and material.

We invite you to contact UCM Board members with any questions. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

In Service,
Vic Guadagno
Board President

For the UCM Governing Board: Paul Hartmann, Ryan Kane, Hugo Liepmann, Charlotte Root, Sue Stukey, Meredith Warner
Ex officio member: Rev. Joan Javier-Duval


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