Results of the June 6th Special Congregational Meeting

Thanks to all of you who attended the June 6th Special Congregational Meeting on zoom. Presentations, conversation and votes proceeded on two topics: the proposed Air Quality and Tech Upgrade projects.

The first motion:

“Shall UCM proceed with the design and installation of an Air Quality Improvement Ventilation System to be funded by the offered gift of $125,000 and use of up to $125,000 of the Long Term Invested Funds for a total approved expenditure of up to $250,000?”   PASSED

The Board and the Air Quality Ad Hoc Team are in the beginning phase of giving shape and structure to the team of volunteers that will bring this project to fruition. Please contact Vic Guadagno, Board President to volunteer your time and expertise. We are particularly seeking people with content knowledge: architecture, engineering, law, project management, zoning, construction, etc. 

The second and third motions:

1) Shall UCM authorize up to an additional $9,192.23 in the FY21 General Fund Budget towards the AV Upgrade Project?  PASSED

2) Shall UCM amend the FY22 Capital Fund Budget adding $25,000 in income and $25,000 in AV upgrade expenses, with exceptional gratitude toward the donor of the gift?  PASSED

It is significant that two substantial, anonymous donations have been dedicated to these two important projects: $125K toward the Air Quality Project and $25K toward the Tech Upgrade. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our congregation, and by our ability to come together as a community and meet challenges through a democratic process.