Congregational Survey Results

Dear UCM Congregation,
Thanks to all who participated in the UCM Reopening Survey in December which focused on the Covid pandemic and how we may best respond as a congregation.

The survey was intended to provide information at this particular crossroads, and to try to understand the collective priorities and goals of the community. We offered this survey in confidentiality, and we want to be transparent in the data that was gathered. We have removed all personal information and questions that asked about specific needs or desires. We also removed the answers related to the family & youth section as we only received a few responses to these questions. If you have specific questions about the family/youth section please contact Rev. Joan.

We offer the remaining data for individual interpretation. Please see the graphic summary of some of the general questions at this link. Please remember that these responses reflect the 128 individuals that responded, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entire congregation. The Board and UCM staff will continue to assess this data and use it as we continue discussion and discernment about when and how to reconvene in person.

See the data from the 128 respondents here. 

We are also grateful for all of your participation in the discussion of “gifts”, and creative ways to stay connected. The board is sorting through this information and will be following up with potential activities, connections, etc. It is evident that many of us want to return to church as soon as possible. Unfortunately, as we write this letter we are again facing a surge in Covid cases. We do want to remind everyone that our congregation has responded to this crisis with unity and enthusiasm. We still meet weekly through our virtual services, and we continue to think of other opportunities to stay connected as a community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the UCM board with questions, comments or ideas.

Warm Regards,
UCM Governing Board