UCM Covid-19 Safety Policies Approved Feb. 23, 2022

As we begin to re-open for services and other activities, we do so knowing that there are tools and strategies we can employ to reduce the risks associated with the Covid-19 pandemic and gather with relative safety. The UCM Executive Team has adopted a set of policies and guidelines upon the recommendations of the Covid-19 Response Task Force that allow us to gather in person even while some risk remains. The ET and Covid Task Force will regularly evaluate the necessity of these policies as circumstances change.
Please review the following policies and guidelines as you prepare to engage with in-person church activities. We understand that all church members and friends will need to make their own decisions about the level of engagement with in-person activities that s right for them. You may address any questions or concerns to the UCM Executive Team, ucm.executiveteam@gmail.com.

Covid Safety Policies as of 2-23-22_ET approved