2022-23 Church Year Volunteer Needs

Volunteers are Needed at UCM!

Are you interested in volunteering this Church Year? We need you!

Benefits include: broader and deeper spiritual & social connections within our UCM community; Learning, stretching, and growing in your personal spiritual journey; Joys of serving and giving back to your friends and neighbors; Meeting new people, and more!


Caring Network

Do you enjoy helping your friends and neighbors, and helping coordinate others to make a difference? The Caring Network is an email list of volunteers that help UCM members and friends during times of need or transition. 

The coordinator helps craft requests with members, and coordinates responses to ensure needs are met. It’s a great way to serve UCM on a flexible schedule, from home or anywhere, and as coordinator, you could shape the role as you see fit! 

This has been a wonderful way to be involved while young kids made meetings or regular commitments difficult — now it can be your way to give back and meet our wonderful members! Contact Erin Caro Aguayo, who will be stepping down at the end of December, at ucmcaringnetwork@gmail.com, or 802-917-4346, to discuss if it’s a fit for you.


Community Pouch Ad Hoc Group

We are in need of members to help organize our Community Pouch program. This committee has typically met in the Fall to organize for the year. The remainder of the responsibilities include helping to ensure committees have chosen a pouch recipient, and making sure recipient information flows to the Worship Team. The mission of the Community Pouch is to support giving as a spiritual practice. We also aim to create opportunities for UCM groups to forge connections with pouch recipients. For more information, please contact Beth Merrill (bethaleen@gmail.com).



The Communications Team is seeking an additional E-news Editor to share the job of sending out the weekly e-newsletter. Basic skills with MailChimp are a plus. Training is available. E-news editors have typically shared the role in a monthly rotation. Contact the Communications Team (ucmcommteam@gmail.com) to learn more or to share your interest in serving in this role.


Community Lunch

Monday Lunches have been distributed during the past two years at the edge of the UCM parking lot. Meals have been cooked by local restaurants or catering companies and snacks, fruit, water and fresh baked desserts have been provided along with a listening ear and positive smiles ~ behind masks ! One of these days cooking at UCM will begin again and there will be indoor seating. The ventilation system is up and running ! A count of volunteers and what each might be willing to do is needed. The Advisory Committee is re-forming ~ A Coordinator of the volunteers IS needed ~ If you are willing to help please send a note to Janet Poeton at jmspoet@gmail.com.


Concert Series Exploratory Committee

Following the completion of our new A/V capacity in the Sanctuary, we are considering developing a concert/performance series which could serve both programmatic and fundraising functions. If you would be interested in being part of exploring this possibility, please contact Director of Music, Donia Prince (ucm.music21@gmail.com).



Do you enjoy planning fun, community-building events? Do you want to help raise funds to support our church mission? Maybe you’d like to help coordinate a fundraising event this coming church year! 

With the reopening of our church building, we have the opportunity to revive some previous fundraisers and try some new events, too. We are in need of coordinators for a possible Grand Reopening Festival in the fall; the winter Clarke Lecture & Dinner series; and a possible Spring Auction. Please contact the Executive Team if you’d like to learn more (ucm.executiveteam@gmail.com).


Lifespan Spiritual Exploration

The Lifespan Spiritual Exploration Committee seeks 2-3 parents to join our committee to support the new Dir. of LSE and welcome kids, youth and families back to UCM in the coming church year. We are also seeking 1-2 additional middle school youth advisors, and 4-8 people to help with programming for younger children. 

Please help us through this LSE time of transition! Make Liz Benjamin’s day by reaching out to tell her you want to find out how you can help (lizbenjamin64@gmail.com).


Membership & Hospitality


UCM’s Membership & Hospitality Committee meets monthly to support our Congregational Life Coordinator, Elaine Ball (ucm.membership@gmail.com) as we all collectively welcome in and invite new and returning members and friends to participate in creating and building our beloved community. Our committee is small but mighty; we collaborate to offer “New UU” programs in the Fall and Spring each year, to plan “New Member Sunday” services alongside the Worship & Arts team; and to coordinate Hospitality Volunteers. We are greatly in need of new Committee Members! Please contact Elaine if you are available to “learn the ropes.”


Now that In-person Coffee Hours have resumed, we are especially in need of strong, youthful, energetic, and friendly volunteers who can help with setting up tables & chairs, making & serving coffee & tea, and engaging in welcoming conversation with visitors, newcomers, friends, and members each week. We especially need Baristas, Greeters, and Ushers. To volunteer (or sign up to train with an experienced volunteer) you can sign up at the Membership & Hospitality Table in the Vestry on Sunday mornings, or contact Elaine Ball. Volunteer Coordinators are also greatly needed!



The Property Committee is responsible for organizing, managing or doing ongoing projects to help maintain our beautiful 157-year-old building. As we prepare to reopen the building when the AQP project is complete, we need a few more members to join our committee. This committee is critical to maintaining, preserving, and protecting our historic building for use by future generations. No construction or maintenance experience is necessary. This is a great opportunity to learn about every nook and cranny of our building. For more information please contact Allen Clark (vtclarks@aol.com or 802-476-5321) or Phil Morse (pmorsevt@gmail.com or 802-558-7535).



Our Stewardship Committee inspires our gratitude and generosity in support of the financial health and viability of our congregation. The main focus of the committee is the Annual Pledge Drive each Spring. We are in need of new leadership and participation on this committee to ensure that we continue to have the resources needed to fulfill our mission. Please contact Rev. Joan (ucm.revjoan@gmail.com) if you’d like to learn how you can be involved in the coming church year.