November Update from the UCM Board

You remember the kids’ hand game and rhyme:
Here’s the church and there’s the steeple.
Open the door and see all the people.

Your UCM Board thinks a lot about “the people”, i.e. our congregation. Like we did at our monthly meeting the evening of Nov. 8, while the nation awaited election results.

Do “the people” think about the Board? The seven members elected to deal with big issues, like: have a vision, set policy, and raise the funds.

Right now, the Board is considering questions on which your input is important – – questions like :

  • Do we install heat pumps, to reduce combustion emissions and consumption of fossil fuels?
  • How do we structure our financial procedures, especially now that our church administrator of 28 years is retiring?
  • Do we replace the term ‘church’ in our name, with ‘congregation’ or a like term that welcomes people of all faiths and is free of Christian implications?
  • How does UCM engage more volunteers to run the elevator, prepare and serve Sunday coffee, serve as treasurer, keep archives up to date, plan and run fund raisers (such as the up-coming Holiday Fair), assist the property committee, … ? It’s a long list.
  • How better can UCM meet the needs of: the young, the parents, the hungry, the lonely, the elders, those struggling with injustice, and those confronting serious health challenges?

We on the Board want to hear from our fellow congregants about these matters. If there is significant interest, open meetings are in order for some of them, to explore and learn prior to a congregational vote.

We hope that, during November, you contact a Board member, Reverend Joan or other staff about these matters, and any others that concern you.

Thanks for your support to strengthen our caring congregational community!

UCM Board: Denise Bailey,  Joel Dennison,  Fran Dodd,  Victor Guadagno,  Hugo Liepmann,  Ansel Ploog, Meredith Warner, Board Pres.

*Keep up to date on Board business by reading our minutes and Rev/ Joan’s monthly Minister’s Reports! Go here to read the minutes.