Monday Community Lunch Is Looking For Volunteers!

As of Monday, April 3, 2023, cooking, serving and dining will be happening once again at UCM!   Both eat-in and take-away meals will be offered.  Serving hours: 11:30AM until 1:00PM.

We are looking for volunteers to cover a variety of jobs. Positions include: shopping, kitchen prep, cooking, kitchen clean-up, washing pots and pans, dishwashers, servers, set-up, clean-up, laundry, dish-scraper, and delivering compost.

Please contact Janet if you are available to support this exciting UCM Monday event. Include your name, job you are interested in, and how often you are interested in volunteering ~ once a month, weekly, randomly. We plan to begin with a small team and will increase as needed.

Thank you for your support of this important UCM outreach project.  We are thrilled to be able to welcome you back!