Letter from Congregational Life Coordinator, Elaine Ball

Happy Solstice, Chag Sameach, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to you all! I am very much looking forward to all of our December Holiday Services, especially a personal holiday I’ve celebrated now for nearly two decades, the Winter Solstice.

While this time of year is commonly not a “happy” time for all, I genuinely feel that these darkest days can be “happier,” when celebrated, honored, and commemorated together. If you are feeling particularly alone, I invite you to reach out — we can plan a caroling party, or write & send out cards together … we can gather in each other’s homes to bake cookies, to share at the Cookies & Cider fellowship hour before the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service of Lessons & Carols! There are so many ways to create new traditions, and to savor being together in community this season.

This is also a time of year when many people travel, and won’t be here to enjoy some of our December Services in person — if this is the case for you, please do join us virtually at our YouTube Channel, where you can watch the livestreams of the Services, or find them to watch on your own time later. And of course many of us have family and friends traveling here to visit us for the season, and we welcome you to bring your friends and family to any or all of our December Services that you feel they may enjoy. The Unitarian Universalists tend to have different, unique, and interesting ways of celebrating “traditional” holidays, so we hope that you and yours may join us to be pleasantly surprised.

As you may have become accustomed to hearing from me, and as the Board so eloquently conveyed in their Winter Letter, we are in great need of your curiosity, creativity, and collaboration — in so many church areas, from finances and fundraising to to communications and care, we need you — we need each other!

As members and friends of this congregation, we all feel called to participate and engage in various ways, from welcoming each other on Sunday mornings with Coffee, Tea, and Orders of Service; to shoveling when it snows and mowing when it shines; to cooking, baking, and serving at Community Lunches, Holiday Fairs, and anytime someone is in need of a warm meal. Others are called for the less-visible, more “support-roles,” such as setting up tables & chairs for events; washing dishes; counting donations; creating Google Docs and Forms and Sheets to share with teams who are collaborating on projects that make our world a better place … if you aren’t sure where your talents, skills, or gifts may best be set to the task(s) of helping our church community fulfill our mission, and you would like to find your niche, please, let me know!

Stop by my office, call or text, or email any time. Find me on a Sunday morning before the Service or after Coffee Hour, or find me online in Breeze, and we will make time to sit down over a warm beverage and talk more about how you’d like to be involved. Thank you, as always, for your hospitality and love, and Happy Holidays to you and yours. ~ Elaine