January, 2024 Update: Flood Recovery Work and Schedule

UPDATE about Flood Recovery Work and Schedule for UCM

Happy New Year! Months past the July flood, weeks past the December flood (!), the Flood Recovery Unitarian-Universalist Team (FRuuT) is still moving forward with its flood recovery work for UCM. The bigger projects (elevator replacement and kitchen renovation) will take place next summer. To continue its progress and reduce confusion between overlapping projects and timelines next summer, FRuuT decided some of the work should be done this winter.

In January the carpet will be removed from the back stairs, which will be painted — Thank you, Brian Prendergast! — and have vinyl treads installed on top of them by Country Floors. Country Floors will also install sheet vinyl on the stair landings, in the back hall, and in the School Street entrance – all locations where the July flood ruined existing carpeting. We expect the painting will be done in early-to-mid January so the vinyl flooring can be installed at the end of January. The stair painting and vinyl installation will cause several days of disruption and may aggravate sensitivities for some people despite the intentional use of low- or no- Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs).

This winter/spring there will also be a few projects in the basement: one to pour concrete into the two crawl spaces, one to install a new sump pump in the former-furnace pit, and perhaps one to restore or add insulation/sealing material to the basement walls. Each project addresses specific difficulties encountered with draining and cleaning the basement after the July flood. Each will take only a day or two and should cause the congregation few problems.

FRuuT will share more information about the scheduling of this work as soon as possible.