So…Just What IS March Mystery Madness?

For the past dozen years, we have played this multigenerational matching game full of fun and mystery. Two people…from different generations…are matched in a double-masked game to guess the identity of the other. Over the course of three weeks, the pairs exchange letters, notes, or tokens that provide clues about themselves. Sign-ups begin February 11th, with the deadline of February 25th.

March Mystery Madness is a fun way to form new friendships and connections between different generations within our church community. You might make a long-lasting friendship or have someone to wave to across the sanctuary on Sunday morning.

Exchanges will occur for the first three Sundays (March 3rd, 10th, and 17th).
Clues must be dropped off in the designated spot in the vestry BEFORE services by 10:00 am.
Clues may be collected after the services at about 11:15 am.
Many people include a small token of a gift with their note. For example, maybe a pencil will go with the clue “I like to draw” or some star stickers to show, “I love to go camping and look at the night stars.” It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but it is essential that you get something to your match each of those three Sundays.
***If you can’t make it one Sunday, you can leave something with Sally, a member of the LSE Team, or a friend to put in your match’s box that day. YOU MUST COMMIT TO BEING THERE ON SUN. MARCH 24TH FOR THE 11 am-12 pm BIG REVEAL CELEBRATION***

The week of February 25th, you will get an email telling you a few things about your match’s interests. You’ll also get assigned a secret number for your match.

It’s good to include a clue about WHO you are with each note while still being clever and not revealing who you are entirely. That is saved for Sunday, March 24th, the day of the BIG REVEAL and CELEBRATION. On that day, during coffee hour in the vestry, you’ll finally meet your match. You will have a special spot for you and your match to sit, share in some special refreshments, and play a game or get to know each other during the coffee hour time. Many buddies exchange special token gifts with each other on this day.