Music Survey 2024

Music Survey

At long last, the results from the Music Survey we conducted last summer! Click this link for a pdf summary with graphics for each question along with some additional commentary. I am not including the written responses, for privacy reasons. The written comments were abundant and very helpful to me, and I will refer to them in my comments. We had 65 respondents, with the largest group being people that regularly attend church in person.

Among the responses there were very few clear conclusions, except to know how diverse our congregation and its tastes are! And for every strong opinion expressed in one direction there was another saying pretty much the opposite! One comment might say they want more classical and meditative music while the next comment says they dislike classical and quieter music and want more upbeat, contemporary music. So there you have it. We’re Unitarians!

That said, a few notable conclusions: We won’t be getting rid of the hymn books anytime soon,  and a lot of people love the organ. And I will continue to try to present a diversity of music in order to more fully engage the congregation musically. Thank you to everyone who participated in this survey! ~ Donia Prince, Music Director