UCM Board Letter ~ Spring 2024

Change Our World: 

2024 UUA General Assembly


As I write this letter on behalf of the UCM Board, the snow is falling and winter appears to be with us once again, though according to the weather report, only for a short time. What a strange winter it has been, yet through it all our beloved community has stayed strong and continued to serve its important, and for many, central, role in our lives. It certainly has been wonderful to be having our services in – and the use of – our building again, as well as sharing it with other members and organizations in our larger community.

We hope you have seen notices in the electronic UCM Weekly Announcements that the UCM Governing Board is seeking five delegates who broadly represent our congregation’s diversity to represent UCM in attending this June’s UUA General Assembly. This is going to be a very important and exciting event because at this UUA GA, delegates will be discussing and voting on the final version of the new Article II in the UUA’s core document, the UUA Articles of Association. Article II defines our Purposes, Values, Covenant, Inspirations, Commitment to Inclusion and Freedom of Belief. In short, Article II defines who we are. It is the core statement of our faith. The current version of the new Article II can be found here.

The Board wants to have the five delegates identified prior to the UCM Annual Meeting in May. At the Meeting, because of the significance of this GA, the Board will do something it hasn’t done before.  It will charge the congregation and the delegates to mutually uphold and honor our mission and ask the congregation to ratify the delegates in representing UCM and carrying our mission as their guiding principle as they participate in finalization of the new Article II.  

Participation in this June’s UUA GA, which will take place June 20-23, will be entirely on-line, so no travel will be involved. There will be no costs, as UCM will pay the delegates’ registration fees.  Delegates must be active members of UCM, commit to participating in all General Sessions at the GA, and commit to undertaking some study of the new Article II prior to the start of the GA. 

Anyone interested in learning more or becoming a delegate should contact Board member Steve Gold or Rev. Joan Javier-Duval.