Board Update on Climate Resilience ~ Spring 2024

On February 11, 2024, the UCM Board held a “Town Meeting” to kick off its Climate Resilience Project. If you missed the meeting, click here to watch the recording.

So far, about 50 people have contributed interesting ideas — as a Board, we invite everyone to share ideas, questions, and concerns about the processes, options, and outcomes desired for the congregation’s climate resilience. Some thoughts shared have been: 

  • Coordinate with Montpelier City Plan for climate resilience.
  • Should we price out the cost of raising the building a certain amount?
  • Actions taken to address climate change at UCM should be multi-purpose: how can we address homelessness at the same time?
  • Maintain UCM presence in downtown.
  • Should we buy land on higher ground and build a small structure in preparation for ultimate disaster?
  • When considering options for physical changes, also consider what those changes might do to the congregation’s size and giving capacity.
  • Don’t store anything in the basement, ever.  
  • Waterproof the outside of the building and fill in the basement to keep water out.
  • The Nature Center is a location that is consistent with our values.

Eventually, the Board will start researching options to improve UCM’s Climate Resilience. Before then, we want to hear from you! You could add thoughts at the Board’s table in the Vestry after worship, or click here to submit online. Thank you for participating! ~ Brenda, Hugo, Steve, Claudia, Jen, Fran, and Ansel