Letter from Sally Armstrong, DSE ~ June 6, 2024

Dear Friends,

This winter, I binge-watched Numbers, a TV show that ended in 2010. I had fallen in love with the characters, and nearing what I thought was the end of the series, I was already mourning the prospect of saying goodbye to these friends. One night, as I tuned in and settled in for the evening’s viewing, I suddenly realized that there was another entire season between me and the end. I didn’t have to say farewell at all. Well…I did. I mean, eventually, the series would end, and the fictional family would only exist in my memory or reruns. But…I didn’t have to say so long that night.

In many ways, that’s how this past year working at UCM has been for me. I never thought I’d be wearing my round, red nametag again. It was an unexpected blessing to be able to serve you in this position one last time. Of course, eventually, as with all things, my time would end, and another person would be sharing the office with Elaine, but I had months with children, a bounty of joy, and blessings beyond measure.

Thank you so much for trusting me, guiding me, forgiving me, and helping me. Last week felt like the season finale as I helped young adults I first knew as young children cross the metaphorical bridge into young adulthood. I felt I was coming full circle.

Just as the actors who populated the screen in Numbers went on to take other parts, I will soon do the same. I’ll still be at UCM, but you’ll see me in a new role. I’ll wait to see where the casting director takes me, or perhaps I’ll write my own script and create my own new character.

As I’ve shared before, when I was in fourth grade, we had to draw a picture to illustrate what we wanted to be when we grew up. I remember folding my paper into quarters because I couldn’t settle on just one thing. In one section, I drew a teacher; in another, a missionary; and in the third, an actress. As DRE and ISE…I was pretty much able to take on all those roles. What continues to baffle me is what I put in the final box. I’m looking forward to discovering how I’m going to fill it.

enduring affection,
As always, let me end by extending my heartfelt gratitude,

With smiles,