July 5, 2024 ‘Membership Moment’ from Elaine Ball, Congregational Life Coordinator

July 5, 2024 ‘Membership Moment’

from Elaine Ball, Congregational Life Coordinator

Dear friends,

While the summer months seem to both slow down, in our church community, and pass by so quickly, with every day the sun fills us with warmth ~ our very active church life does continue on, albeit ‘in the background’ in many ways. Even though we only send out Summer e-newsletters every other week, I’d like to take a moment in each one to share a bit about what’s happening ‘behind the scenes.’

Top-of-mind for me this summer (and time-sensitive) is our historic 2024 Demographics Survey, which I hope you have read a bit about in our Summer Newsletter. . . SIXTEEN of you have already completed the survey (and have been entered in the drawing, details below) ~ THANK YOU! We are already a quarter of the way toward reaching a ‘representative sample’ of our estimated 250-300 members & friends!

PS: If you missed this special quarterly e-newsletter, or skimmed it and don’t recall much of it, I hope you’ll set aside 15-20 minutes or so to read it more carefully ~ perhaps with a calendar/planner in hand! There are so many incredible worship opportunities & events happening even while we ‘take a break’ from our regular rhythm.

Since there are always so many exciting and interesting events & programs in our active and engaged congregation, sometimes, understandably, announcements slip by unnoticed ~ and this is one in particular I hope you won’t forget!

Our historic Demographics Survey will take about 20-30 minutes (if you answer all the questions), and in deep gratitude for your time and willingness to participate, we will be entering each respondent in a drawing, to be held once the survey closes September 1st.

THREE winners will each receive a gift certificate to a local restaurant/business of their choosing. As we seek to better support and understand our own community, we also wish to support our neighbors in their ongoing efforts of recovery from these recent years of shared struggle and hardship. We are stronger together!

Please scan the QR code below to go directly to the survey form to complete, or click this link, which will also take you directly there. And please, feel free to call (802-595-9801) or email (ucm.membership@gmail.com) any time to learn more.

Thank you so much for taking the time thus far to read more about this survey and why we’ve created it! In collaboration with Rev. Joan and church staff & volunteers (especially our Church Historian Emeritus, Peter Thoms, we have chosen this particular time in our church’s history to collect information about the make-up of our church community – who are we, and why do we choose to be here, together?

Since we are aiming to accurately reflect this ‘snapshot in time,’ we need a ‘representative sample’ (sixty or more) of our members and friends to complete the surveyeveryone who is connected to UCM is welcome to participate! Please, take this survey AND encourage your friends & family to do the same! We have so much to learn from each other.

Thank you, for creating who and how we are together. I’m honored to be in membership with you. ~ Elaine