What is Building for the Future (BFF) at UCM?

Building for the Future is the name of our proposed project that is intended to help UCM more fully live our mission.

The project encompasses building renovations, increased accessibility and sustainability, and enhanced benefits for staff.

To learn more, take a look at this Overview or read our Frequently Asked Questions!

We are trying to reach out to as many members to inform, enlighten, and discuss BFF through a variety of ways:

 Turtle Tales in the UCM Weekly Announcements

 BFF Bulletin Board in the Vestry during coffee hours

Dedicated website listing all Committee and Work Group agendas, minutes from meetings of all groups working on BFF.   Visit bit.ly/UCM-BFF to learn more  details.

Send your questions to ucm.bff@gmail.com.

A New Phase of Building for the Future

Suu, our beloved BFF mascot, was heartened by the October 27th  vote to engage a fundraising consultant. If not downright exuuberant, Suu is deeply appreciative of the work that so many have put in for so long to keep us moving into the future.

During NOVEMBER The Steering Committee invited EACH UCM Member /Friend to complete a SURVEY to express your priorities.  We thank everyone for their participation.  The results have been tabulated and the results can be found by clicking:  UCM_BFF_Survey-results.  Please continue to submit questions and suggestions to work group members or ucm.bff@gmail.com.

The next Phase of Building for the Future will be presenting the results of the fundraising consultant – what is the giving capacity of our congregation for funding BFF?  These results are expected in late December or early January.  Stay tuuned!